Harsh Black Metal.
Created in 2005.
Bleak Winter Of War (Split with Weltenkampf)

Demo 1/2005

1. War is the Father of All Things

2. The Struggle Inborn

3. Only the Hardest Conditions

4. Bleak Winter of War
Weltenkampf contributed the "Untersberg" Demo.
Recorded in March 2005 on 4 analogue tracks.

All intros created by Timor (pre-Weltenkampf ambient project).

Released in 2005 by Heiden's Hart (HH 24).

Distributed officially on tape, limited to 200 copies.
Ad Honorem Magnae Mortis (Split with Rites Of Cleansing)

7"EP 2006

1. In Hate and Isolation
Rites Of Cleansing contributed the song "To Honour the Eternal Flame".
Recorded in March 2006 on 4 analogue tracks.

Released in 2006 by Autopsy Kitchen Records and Battle Kommand Records.

Distributed officially on vinyl 7"EP, limited to 300 copies.
The Principle of Cosmic Instability

Full-Length CD 2007 

1. What is Sleeping in Bloodlines

2. Wolf Among Sheep

3. Deserted and Hostile

4. Blazing Wounds of Earth

5. Such a Terrible Cold

6. The Principle of Cosmic Instability

7. The Struggle Inborn

8. Primitive Regression of Purest Survival
Recorded digitally in September 2006.
Special high-frequency mix.

Released in 2007 by Autopsy Kitchen Records.

Distributed officially on CD, limited to an undisclosed number of copies.