NOVEMBER 2017 (Appendix)

Out on November, 20th! Eleven years after the MC and nine years
after the CD release, Regnum’s compilation of then unreleased tracks
Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss is available on vinyl for the first time.

Released by Solstice Rex from Sweden and pressed in 100 black
and 100 grey marbled copies. The LP comes with all lyrics (published
for the first time) and exclusive English translations, equipped with an
entirely new artwork
and has not been remastered but left in the old
sound of mournful Black Metal. The LP contains the former tape bonus

Available from Regnum and Solstice Rex for 14 euros plus shipping.
Place your orders at &
or More infos on the LP in the releases-section.


Back with some news for the end of the year.

Koge’s complete demos will be released in two
different editions on CD and tape separately
by two different labels.

The CD-release will be done by Nykta and is
divided into two parts, named The Arch of Misery.
Each part contains three of the six demos and will
hopefully be available this month yet. More info
on the release date and possible orders will follow.
Visit Nykta on (mailorder-section).

The tape-version will be released by Nihilistische KlangKunst,
strictly limited to 27 copies each on six tapes. Due to the
small number of copies I cannot offer any of these in a
larger scale and have to forward interested listeners
to NKK. More info on these exclusive tapes will follow soon
as well. Visit NKK on

Regnum’s next caught-up LP Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss
is in production already. Once again 100 black and 100 grey
marbled copies will be pressed. The LP contains all lyrics
for the first time and furthermore exclusive English translations.
Also with this release, details will follow as soon as possible.
See the flyer below for contact-addresses of Solstice Rex or
visit their website directly on
Some copies of the first LP are available still as well.

These days I am also preparing the shipping of the two private
Regnum-releases Holzwege and Fadensonnen. Contrary to any past
plans, I made ten copies each only. These are no public releases,
but all info will be included soon in the Regnum-section of this
site. There is no way to order the tape or CDr since I have
decided to send them to a small group of friends and supporters

Some time ago already, Egisöd (see split demo with Koge) have
released their first official demo on CDr As the Sun Died in
the Arms of the Night
. I have a few copies left of this first official demo,
revealing also my participation since the split demo with Egisöd on
the bass-guitar. A second demo is already in the making. Visit the official
Bandcamp-site on or place your order
directly at The CDr is available for 8 euros plus shipping.

General info: most of the available releases getting out of stock
step by step. Partly less than ten copies are left. In early 2018
I will furthermore neither offer the Vexillum demo-compilation CDr
nor Torch of War’s The Principle of Cosmic Instability CD anymore.
So this might be your last chance to get these or saluting their
ceasing from the public distribution.

Planned for 2018 are a vinyl-edition of Regnum’s Dem Entwirklichten
(no detailed infos yet) and most probably Koge’s debut album, as well
a new album by Regnum finally since all re-issues and caught-up LPs
are reaching their final steps.

JULY 2017

Finally out now! Twelve years after the CD and MC release,
Regnum’s self-titled debut is available on vinyl for the first time.
Released by Solstice Rex from Sweden and pressed in 100 black
and 100 grey marbled copies. The LP comes with all lyrics and
exclusive English translations, equipped with an entirely new artwork

and has not been remastered but left in the old sound of cold
and disharmonic Black Metal.

Available from Regnum and Solstice Rex for 14 euros plus shipping.
Place your orders at &
or More infos on the LP in the releases-section.

Promo-clips available on Solstice Rex Youtube-channel:

More news on other releases will follow in August.

JUNE 2017

To be released in July 2017. More info and website-update soon.



Koge's sixth demo is available now via Bandcamp. Released on a split demo
with the German act Egisöd. Nine tracks of pure Black Metal with a playing time
of roundabout 43 minutes. The download includes the full layout with lyrics and credits.

Egisöd's debut release will be followed by a further demo soon on their own Bandcamp-site
which will be online then. Raw and mysterious Black Metal exclusively! So far the split demo
is only available via the Koge-site.

Regnum's Fadensonnen CDr and Holzwege tape will finally be released in
small editions during March 2017. These releases will be given to friends
and supporters only - maybe a few will be left.

The announced Weltenkampf-box is still in process. Only very few copies
will be available - a silent end for this project and the last chance for those
who missed the tapes in 2004/06.



Available on Bandcamp now, Koge's fifth demo - containing six new songs of raw and
mystical Black Metal. The download includes the high-res artwork and a lyric sheet.

For reviews of the first four demos and an interview with Koge
check the Occult Black Metal Zine in the November-section of the blog.

Koge has also almost finished the recordings for the sixth demo
which will be released on Bandcamp as well. This release will be a
split demo - all details including the second band will be unveiled
in the first weeks of the next year.

The Weltenkampf box-set is in preparation and finally planned for early 2017.
This very limited release will come as a 4-CDr boxed-set including an A5-booklet
containing credits, info, lyrics and a brief outline on Weltenkampf's philosophy
and spiritual concept.

Closing the news for 2016, I would like to comment on the coming Regnum releases.
The last part of the re-issued demos Holzwege as well as the unfinished raw mix
of Fadensonnen will not become public releases. I decided to produce these two
outputs in a small edition for friends and supporters only. Please do not write
for copies of these. The announced vinyl-versions of Regnum and Weil alles einst
zerbrechen muss
remain as stated.

Last but not least, most prices from the mailorder list (
Available Releases) got reduced.



Some time ago Regnum got the amazing offer by Solstice Rex from Sweden
to have the first two CDs Regnum and Weil alles einst zerbrechen muss re-released on vinyl.
The records are currently prepared to be produced and will be out on different dates within the
coming months. Details and updates on these records will follow.

Solstice Rex is also carrying a couple of my releases for distribution already.
Visit Svarti Loghin's site for some additional info on Solstice Rex and their
releases at

It is a great honour to give these essential works of Regnum a proper re-release
after more than ten years. Beside new artworks the songs have not been remastered
and come without any bonustracks.

Regnum's Holzwege tape, the compilation of unreleased songs to close
the series of the re-issued demos, will delay and not be available
before spring 2017.

After the release of Vexillum's delayed first album another side-project
will come up with an announced release - which is Weltenkampf. The planned
tapes will now be released as a 4-CDR box which includes all three demos
plus the last work which was done between 2008 and 2011 already. Called
Die letzten Plagen, this complation will be out in winter 2016 in a strictly limited
small edition, including bonustracks.

Last but not least I am introducing Koge, a new project of mine.
Created in 2015 Koge has recorded four demos of pure and mystical
Black Metal already which got released on Bandcamp these days.
All downloads contain a cover and a lyric sheet. For more info
visit the Koge-section on this site and for some musical impressions
you should visit

For those who have not purchased it yet: all demos are available for 2,50 euros each
since November 2016.


JUNE 2016

Available now, Regnum's next re-issued demo Schwertes Kälte
and Vexillum's long delayed debut album Die weiße Nacht on tape.

Regnum's Schwertes Kälte comes with restored sound and focus
on the basslines which became more important on the later releases.
Considered to be Regnum's most popular work, it is released
with the intentional artwork idea, giving a deep hint on the
actual meaning of the title.

Vexillum's mystical debut album Die weiße Nacht is presented
in its first and only mix from 2007. Recorded in 2006 after
two demos before, the album takes a big step foreward. The lyrics
took deep inspiration from Walter Jantschik's writings on
Baphomet-magick, further ideas on initiation and golemology.

Both releases come professionally manufactured on black pro-tapes
(pro-printed inlay and imprinted tapes).

Place your order at - both tapes available for 4€ each plus postage.

Further, visit the Regnum- and Vexillum-section for more info!


APRIL 2016

After a long time this site is finally back with news.
Now being produced are Regnum's next re-issued demo
Schwertes Kälte and further Vexillum's so far unreleased
debut album Die weiße Nacht on pro-tape.

Schwertes Kälte is probably Regnum's most popular demo,
reaching the peak of cold and depressive Black Metal in the
early era of the band. Re-issued with the sound and cover
artwork actually planned to have in 2003 already.

Vexillum will come up with its debut recorded albeit in 2006/07.
Unreleased so far, this release offers Vexillum's most intense recordings
after the demos. Mystic and occult Black Metal, lyrically based upon
Baphomet-magick and golemology. Die weiße Nacht is conceptually
linked to a more abstract tape of Weltenkampf's upcoming release
Kylkhor which shall be unleashed in 2016 as well.

Regnum's Schwertes Kälte and Vexillum's Die weiße Nacht shall be
available in Summer 2016 - no pre-orders possible. More details will follow.

Regnum is preparing some upcoming releases (old and new material),
a second album is currently recorded by Vexillum and last not least
all Weltenkampf-material shall be released finally in 2016 to have these
releases bundled and perfected as announced on this site for some time now.